Connie Chan
(Photo and design ┬ęthe-happy-house; original template design based on Cubeecraft)
I'm an Illustrator and graphic/web designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California). Over the past 11 years I have worked (freelance and full-time) as a web designer/developer for companies and small businesses in a variety of industries including education, the arts (primarily artist portfolios), travel, weddings, high-tech, electronics manufacturing, sales consulting and medical training.


From 2009-2011 I relocated to the UK to develop my skills further through an illustration postgraduate program, where I was exposed to a variety of styles for design and branding.



Simple yet functional. I'm not exactly a minimalist but I do favor design practices that are simple, but also effective in highlighting the point. An occassional bell or whistle can be cool, but as with films, you can't only have special FX - fundamentally there needs to be a well-told story.


My approach in a nutshell

  1. Affordable - With today's economy cost can be an issue. I work with clients to negotiate a budget for projects that are both efficient and effective.
  2. Intuitive design - I create designs that flow and make information easy to find
  3. Attractive visuals
  4. Communication - I help clients transition to an electronic environment so they may effectively communicate their ideas to a wide audience
  5. Keep it simple - The idea of creating a webpage can be daunting. When working with clients, I try to make it easy by avoiding too much jargon and keeping the concepts simple.



If you have questions or would like a quote for my services, please contact me