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Visual Designer

The expanded story:

As previously mentioned, I showed an interest in computers at a young age, though more for playing on them rather than coding. It wasn’t until I hit high school that I got my first exposure to the world of computer science. Leaning on the advice my parents gave me, I spent a number of years studying programming… because eventually I’d get to like it, right? While I loved the problem solving element of coding, spending my future immersed in coding didn’t feel like the right fit.

Luckily along while learning about coding, I also picked up an interest in desktop and web design. It was more of a hobby than anything but it managed to get me steady freelance gigs while I was in college. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in cognitive science but little idea of what I wanted to do career-wise. So I fell back into UX/UI design for a stint before deciding to pursue a post-graduate degree in illustration.

That took me to England, where I spent a year and a half