More about Connie

Growing up in the valley, I showed an interest in computers at a young age. It wasn’t until I graduated from UCLA with a few years of programming under my belt did I realize that pure coding wasn’t for me. Luckily I had gained a few years experience doing freelance web design and development, which helped me maintain some level of sanity by adding creative elements to the more methodical aspects of coding.

After working in the tech world for a few years I decided to shake things up a bit by moving to England for graduate school, where I could learn more about design. It was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. I returned more confident in myself and knowledgeable about different cultural design trends.

Since then, I’ve managed to find a real fit in visual design. You’re never bored when presented with both technical and creative problems to solve. Discovering that balance has allowed my professional career to grow and returned much needed enthusiasm for my work!

Outside of work, I’m an avid film watcher, art-dabbler and crafter (knitting and crocheting being my medium of choice.) Being a jack of all trades and curious person in general, I have a habit of learning random new skills.